Learn the "Big Picture" of God's Word

GROW IN HIS WORD is a powerful tool aimed at teaching an overview of the Bible. This material uses acrostics and timelines to help put the main people and events in Scripture into their sequence as well as discussing their meaning in the overall message of the Bible. GROW IN HIS WORD takes students through both the Old and New Testaments as well as a brief study of Church History. Many students who study Grow say that it is the first time that they’ve understood the Bible.

Comprehensive Bible Study

GROW IN HIS WORD takes students through both the Old and New Testaments. Although not every chapter will be read, students will gain an understanding of the overview of each book and section of Scripture.


Designed to follow specific themes throughout the study, GROW IN HIS WORD provides “hooks” and memory tools to help students remember what they’ve learned. Students not only remember details about specific people and events in Scripture, they also know where they each fit in the overall timeline of the Bible.

Free Resources

GROW MINISTRIES offers many free resources to help you succeed! Resources include pictures of different sites in Israel, video teachings, and lesson intros from Israel. We want to help your students learn God’s Word and visual tools like photos and videos enhance learning.

How Can You Use GROW?

The GROW IN HIS WORD material is adaptable to many avenues of teaching and learning. Curriculum is available for children up through adult. GROW can be used as an individual study tool or works great in classroom settings for both children and adults. Click on a category below to learn more about how YOU could use GROW IN HIS WORD to gain and teach a better understanding of the Bible.